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This program has been superseded by Adobe Photoshop CC.


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Krishna Vulisetti Senior editor

Adobe Photoshop 7.1; the good has become even better. This updated version of your Adobe Photoshop is a fully functional tool with the capabilities to create, edit, process, define, resize, crop and add many more effects to your digital images or graphics. Marked as the most popular and favorite tool this tool has proved to be the first choice for graphic professionals.
The utility is well engineered with multiple tools like; sharpen tools, zooming tool, preview tool, toggle tool, air brush tool, and much more. The utility has made it easy in working with images and colors providing the user with a simple interface to make the finest ready image.
The tool also features other features like; allows easy correction of images by making color and tonal adjustments, selection of image or part of image is easier, transforms and retouches images more easily, can save alpha transparency data in Targa files, supports drawing and editing tools, supports a good set of painting tools, allows applying filters for special effects, support for designing web pages, optimizing images, support for multiple languages, and many more features that make this tool stand out of the crowd.
Adobe Photoshop can save images in formats like; PSD, BMP, GIF, JPEG, EPS, DCS, PCX, PDF, Pixar, PNG, RAW, Targa, Tiff and so on.


  • You will need no other tool for processing your images.


  • Takes long time to launch.

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  All comments (139)
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    Guest 3 months ago

    Adobe Photoshop is simply the best software in the world!

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    Guest 10 months ago

    Thanks for photoshop

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    Emmie 10 months ago

    I really like to mess with my pictures.

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